A Cappella

KeyStone, founded in 2011, is a part-time professional six-voice contemporary a cappella group based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. KeyStone was formed by a group of friends who love to sing with each other.  Bonded by a passion for music and performance, the group immensely enjoys connecting with the audience and each other.


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KeyStone is available to book for public or private events. The majority of KeyStone’s repertoire features a lead vocalist, background vocals and vocal instrumentals, vocal bass, and vocal percussion (beatbox). KeyStone uses a simple tech setup with six microphones, monitors, and mains with minimal compression and reverb.


The members of KeyStone are music, business and education professionals with many years of experience performing and teaching music. We would be happy to share our insights with you!

KeyStone offers all of the following clinics/workshops in any combination:

  • On-stage clinic for performing ensembles
  • Arranging for contemporary a cappella (beginner to advanced)
  • Rehearsal techniques and music direction (beginner to advanced)
  • Vocal percussion (beginner to advanced)
  • Solo performance
  • Business and organization
  • Audio engineering and recording for contemporary a cappella

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